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Movement Classes

Movement Schedule 2023

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Hatha Yoga for Everyone 10:30am Hatha Yoga for Everyone 10:30am Move Like a Kid Again 10:00am    
Irish Dance 4:00pm Irish Dance 6:00pm Ueshiro Okinawan Karate 6:00pm Ueshiro Okinaway Karate 4:30pm

Move Like a Kid Again 6:15pm

If you are an instructor and wish to hold a class at Dragonfly,
please email Dana or call 814-237-5220.

Class Descriptions

Tir na Nog Irish Dance

Instructor: Sue Garner
Dates & Times: Sunday Afternoons & Monday Evenings
Fees: $10 per week ($8 for Feis Prep) (Refer to Tir Na Nog for other dance locations.)
Registration: Please contact Sue Garner directly if you are interested in Irish Dance Classes.
Description: Tir na Nog is dedicated to teaching the basics of Irish dance while instilling a feeling of accomplishment in each dancer. Students are prepared to participate in competitions, if they would like to. A year-end recital is not held, as there are many opportunities for students to dance and for relatives to see them dance throughout the year. All CDC recommendations for a safe practice space are being followed. If you have any questions, please email Sue at tirnanogofpa@gmail.com, or call her at 814-441-0242.

Hatha Yoga for Everyone

Instructor: Lynn Theodose
Dates: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Time: 10:30am - 11:30am
Fees: $10 per class
Supplies: If you have a yoga mat, please bring it to class with you.
Questions: Please contact Lynn at Ltheodose@yahoo.com or call her at (808) 371-2192 with any questions..
Description:Explore the physical practice of Yoga in a welcoming, all-inclusive environment. We’ll move through standing, seated, balancing, twisting, and reclined postures. We will play with backbends and inversions in a safe, supported way. We will honor the classic tradition of the masters, focus on the details of proper alignment, and practice the joyful surrender that accompanies the marriage of movement and breath. Ultimately, we will gain a deeper intimacy with our bodies and the healing wisdom they contain. Yoga will meet you wherever you are. I have extensive experience with all-levels classes and excel at creating a safe environment for EVERYONE to interact with the postures in a healthy and appropriate way. I am hands on (unless that’s not your thing) and strive to offer a yoga experience that is personal for each individual, even as we create an elevated collective experience together. Take a breath…You are welcome here!
About: Lynn dove into the adventure of yoga during her 10 years on the island of Kauai. In 2009 she received her Yoga Alliance certification from Yoga Hanalei. Refined over thousands of hours of group and private instruction, Lynn’s teaching style combines detailed asana alignment, the wisdom of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, humor, compassion, and curated personal attention. She views yoga as a tool for transformation on every level. With a deep respect for each aspirant’s personal journey, Lynn aims to help her students awaken their own inner guru who will lead them down the path to optimal health, happiness and harmony.

Move Like a Kid Again! With Alexander Technique

Instructor: Robyn Dixon Costa
Dates and Times: A four class series - Thursdays, 10:00am– 11:00am; Session 1: January 25 – February 22, 2024
Dates and Times: A four class series - Thursdays, 10:00am - 11:00am; Session 2: February 29 – March 28, 2024
Dates and Times: A four class series - Wednesdays, 6:15 – 7:15 p.m; Session 1: February 28 – March 27, 2024
Fees: $130R / $195NR
Registration:This course is offered through Centre Region Parks and Recreation
Description: Calling everyone who wants to learn to use the body they have with more comfort and fluidity, less pain and rigidity. Have you ever wanted to recapture the ease and joy you felt in movement as a kid? This four class series will focus on discovering how our bodies were meant to move so that we can feel and function at our best. This is a fun and practical approach to mindful movement, stress reduction, and the mind-body connection. The best thing is – this course will be customized for YOU. Whatever your interest is, we will work to improve coordination, balance, and performance by learning how to work with the body you have. All levels are welcome.