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Health & Safety Guidelines

Should you need to change your appointment,
we kindly request 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled service.

Cleaning New Health & Safety Standards

We have always had sanitation measures in place. We have gathered feedback from various governing bodies and increased our sanitation measures to create a safer environment for our guests.

  • Our treatment rooms will be disinfected between each client and all linens on the table will be changed.
  • Your therapist will thoroughly wash their hands before and after your session.
  • Your therapist will wear a face mask and an apron to help keep you safe.
  • Aprons will be changed after every session and face masks will be changed when necessary or when requested.
  • The front desk area is being disinfected constantly. Please follow the receptionist's instructions at the front desk to help keep you safe.

Your Appointment

Dragonfly Clients:

  • We ask that you call us when you arrive (814-237-5220) & then wait in your car until we contact you via text or phone.

    This will be your cue to come into the office with your face mask on.

    We ask that you donít bring any extra people with you to your massage session.

    Also, please consider bringing your own water bottle to hydrate yourself. We will still have water available, but only the therapists may touch the water cooler.
    Please ask if you need water, and we will get it for you.

  • Upon entering the upstairs lobby, you will have your temperature taken with a no touch thermometer
    and be asked several questions pertaining to your health.

  • Your therapist will then take you directly back to the treatment room.
    You can chat with your therapist & will be given time to use the facilities.
    We ask that you wash or sanitize your hands before the session.

  • You must wear your face mask for your massage session.
    If this is uncomfortable while you are face down, please let your therapist know & they will give you alternatives.
    If you want face work, your therapist will work around your mask.

  • After the session, your therapist will make sure the receptionist is ready to check you out & take you to the front desk.
    Remember to follow instructions to help keep everyone safe & healthy.

  • Please feel free to wash your hands after your session and/or to use the hand sanitizer in the treatment room or the lobbies.

Ennis Chiropractic Patients:

  • You may come directly into the office at your appointment time.

    If you are exceptionally early, please wait in your car until your appointment time.

    Before ascending the elevator, you MUST don your facemask

  • Upon entering the upstairs lobby, please check in with the receptionist & take a seat. Your temperature will be taken by Dr. Ennis in the treatment room.

  • IF you take your mask off during your adjustment, you MUST redon your mask before re-entering the waiting room.

  • After your adjustment, if the desk is free, you may check out with the receptionist.
    If another person is checking out, we ask that you take a seat in the waiting room & wait until their transaction is concluded before approaching the desk.

  • Please feel free to wash your hands after your session and/or to use the hand sanitizer in the treatment room or the lobbies.