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Please note:

We recommend you plan your package services several weeks in advance,

especially if you wish to schedule a weekend appointment.

Should you need to change your appointment, we kindly request 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled service.

stone massageExclusive Exfoliations

Exfoliation Treatments

FIG & VANILLA EXFOLIATION: Awaken your skin to give a radiant, hydrated, smooth appearance. This indulgent exfoliator contains pure grains of White Cornmeal, Poppy Seed, Apricot Seed and Walnut Shell Powder to sweep away impurities and dullness. Rich botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender, Melissa and Passion Flower work to help restore the skinís natural radiance while preparing skin for moisturizing treatments. Warming aromas of Fig & Vanilla enhance the senses.

  • 30 minutes - $60

MICROBUFF BODY POLISH: A gentle exfoliation product from Biotone that combines natural loofah and apricot powder with an infusion of wheat, apricot & Alpha-Hydroxy lactic acids to accelerate cell renewal to unveil petal soft skin.

  • 30 minutes - $60

SALT AND SEA BODY GLOW: Revive skin with a circulation boosting exfoliation treatment followed by a rich, silky anti-oxidant packed creme that leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and looking fabulous. For an added treat, choose one of our Custom Complexes, listed below, to scent your experience.

  • 30 minutes - $60

    Custom Complexes:
    • Lavender & Calendula: Relaxes the Mind, Calms the Spirit & Soothes the Body
    • Green Tea & Lime: Restores depleted energy & Maintains vital healthy skin
    • Cranberry & Pomegranate: Aids in toxin removal & Moistens dry skin
    • Mango & Mandarin: Promotes cell renewal for Smoother, Softer skin

Add any Exclusive Exfoliation to an hour massage and receive a $10 discount on the package.

Body Wraps

LUXE BODY WRAP: A luxurious treatment designed to bring lustre to your dull, dry skin. Our Luxe hydrating wrap warms the body while binding in moisture using active botanicals of wheat germ, shea butter, glycerides, burdock, watercress and echinacea.

  • 45 minutes - $75
  • 1 3/4 hours - $145 (includes an hour Therapeutic Massage)

AUSTRIAN BLACK MUD WRAP: Free your body from environmental stress and toxins while calming your mind in this warm relaxing wrap. While you are snuggled in a warm cocoon, impurities are being removed from the skin, muscles and joints. Upon exiting your cocoon, your skin will be silky soft to the touch. Feel free to choose a Custom Complex to add to your finishing hydration.

  • 90 minutes - $145

FIRMING SEA WEED WRAP: Revitalize your skin with this firming body wrap. While enveloped, your skin is remineralized with the vital properties of the sea. When unwrapped, your skin will be smoother and more toned. Feel free to choose a Custom Complex to add to your finishing hydration.

  • 90 minutes - $145

Stone Massage Treatments

HOT STONE MASSAGE: The relaxing heat of hot stones combined with soothing pressure and peaceful, energetic techniques create a truly unique and deeply relaxing experience. Enjoy radiant, hydrated skin as the heat opens pores and natural fractionated coconut oil is applied to moisturize the skin. Stone placement is designed to gently stretch connective tissue and relieve muscle tension. The working stones glide with flowing strokes over tight muscles allowing for a deeper effect on the tissue without discomfort.

  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 90 minutes - $120

HIMALAYAN WARM SALT STONE MASSAGE: Salt Crystals from an anciant primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains are hand-carved into massage stones that are warmed and used to gently soothe away an accumulation of stress and tension while lightly exfoliating the skin. This massage combines multiple modalities to deliver a unique experience that aids in bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance.

  • 30 Minutes (Relaxation) - $60
  • 60 Minutes (Therapeutic) - $90

Aromatherapy Treatments

AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE: Bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance. doTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to your spine and spread to the rest of your back and neck creating a unique way to bring balance to your life. The feet are also included in this simple, yet profoundly relaxing session. Developed by Dr. David Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine and therapeutic applications of essential oils, the AromaTouch Technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stress and supporting health immune function.

  • 30 minutes - $60

COUPLES AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE: Enjoy the light relaxing scents while bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance. A great way to start or end a special day.

  • 30 minutes, 2 guests, Aroma - $120

AROMATOUCH TECHNIQUE PACKAGE: Combine our half hour Aromatouch Technique with a massage or facial for an even more decadent experience.

  • 30 minute Aroma, 30 minute massage - $105
  • 30 minute Aroma, 60 minute massage - $130
  • 30 minute Aroma, 30 minute basic facial - $105
  • 30 minute Aroma, 60 minute essential facial - $130


Signature Services

COUPLES MASSAGE: Treat yourself and a special someone to a relaxing Therapeutic Massage.

  • 1 hour, 2 guests - $160
  • 90 minutes, 2 guests - $220

COUPLES PARADISE: Treat yourself and someone special to a Relaxation Massage in one of our largest treatment rooms. Hot-steamed towels will add to your relaxation, making this a truly decadent experience. Choose our Signature Paradise Essential Oil Blend or one of our Custom Complexes to add some scent-sation to your relaxation.

  • 1 hour, 2 guests - $170
  • 90 minutes, 2 guests - $230

COUPLES HOT STONE MASSAGE: Enjoy the soothing heat of a Hot Stone Massage with someone special.

  • 1 hour, 2 guests, Hot Stones - $180
  • 90 minutes, 2 guests, Hot Stones - $230

DUET MASSAGE: Two therapists perform a seamless, choreographed massage that induces deep relaxation. The two therapists work in tandem so you receive a full body massage, reflexology and hypnotic scalp massage to create a sense of calm and well being. Your choice of essential oil can also be added to enhance the experience. Emerge renewed and serene.

  • 30 Minutes, 2 therapists - $110

RELAXATION PACKAGE: A relaxing one-hour Therapeutic Massage combined with our one-hour Essential Facial allows you to feel pampered from head to toe.

  • 2 hours - $150

JOY: A treat for the extremities. Our hour Essential Facial combined with a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure. A perfect session to get ready for that special occasion.

  • 2 1/4 hours - $150

BLISS: Come in and feel pampered from head to toe with an hour Therapeutic Massage, Spa Manicure, and Spa Pedicure.

  • 2 1/4 hours - $150

NIRVANA: With this incredible package we combine the best of all worlds. Enjoy an hour Therapeutic Massage, an hour Essential Facial, Spa Manicure, and Spa Pedicure.

  • 3 1/4 hours - $230

spa mud GIFTS FROM THE EARTH: Try our hydrating and relaxing Austrian Black Mud Wrap. Begin with a full body exfoliation, then become enveloped in a remineralizing mask delicately scented with Vetiver and antioxidant rich Green Tea extract. Follow up with an Essential Facial and our Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure.

  • 3 1/2 hours - $295
  • 90 minutes - $145(Austrian Black Mud Wrap only)

Please note:

We recommend you plan your package services several weeks in advance,

especially if you wish to schedule a weekend appointment.

Should you need to change your appointment, we kindly request 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled service.

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